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Time to clean out those cupboards!!

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I started my journey with essential oils around 5 years ago. However, unlike many other people, I never stumbled on essential oils by trend but by necessity. Our mother was first diagnosed with her first cancer in 2004…kidney cancer. Ten or so years later, she was diagnosed with another non-related cancer. And then years later, she was diagnosed with the “final” cancer which took her away from us indefinitely. Throughout those dreadful 15 years, all of us changed how we looked at life and how we live our lives to this day.

Before being diagnosed with cancer our mother never sat down or rested, even if she was exhausted. She was always up cleaning and bustling around the house and always had a plan in mind or a goal to achieve. We used to call her the energizer bunny because she was always on the go and never got tired. Those days, seemed to become fewer and more far between. Her good days became distant memories and her tired days became normal.

As a family, we couldn’t understand the anomaly of someone being diagnosed with three separate cancers. It isn’t something that happens too often. So, we’ve asked ourselves over and over, why her? We couldn’t figure it out, nor did any of her doctors understand why. We elaborately researched her diet and made sure she wasn’t deficient in any minerals or nutrients. We hired a naturopath and forked out a lot of money for them to do extensive tests on her. After all the testing, the doctor said that her immune system was really low and her liver was being affected by something…. but what? She very rarely drank alcohol and she ate healthy. It was definitely an mystery to everyone. The only thing we could think of was that it was something she was ingesting or being exposed too. We figured it was either something in her diet or pollutants in her environment.

Immediately, in desperation and a fight against time, we got rid of all toxins in her home. We did a clean sweep of everything that could be affecting her; cleaning products, aerosols, nail polish, air fresheners, candles and anything else that had warning labels on them. She had bottles and bottles of cleaning powders and bleaches. She would use something called Dutch Cleanser which was a powdered cleaning agent. As I kid, she would tell me to stay out of the bathroom because she was cleaning it. I could see a thick layer of greenish powder sitting in the tub. Back then, I was a kid and never thought twice about toxins and thought it must have been safe since she always used it. After doing extensive research, I found an original label from Dutch Cleanser, stating Possible cancer hazard – contains material which may cause cancer”. Like really!!! Are the things on our shelves are killing us?

After throwing everything out of her bathroom and kitchen cupboards, I was forced to figure out what to replace everything with. I started making her soap with organic products and essential oils. I made her a cleaning spray with Pine oil and lemon. To appease her, I made a baking soda, lemon and pine powder so she could use it to wash her bathtub. She wasn’t too happy with us at first for throwing everything out then but after a while she adjusted to the new products and relied on homemade recipes with essential oils.  

Losing someone really changes you. I never thought I would be motherless daughter but here I am, trying to survive in this toxic world as best as I can. I wish I had as much knowledge then, as I do now. Maybe I could've saved my mom or at least bought her more time.

My family continues to use essential oils and natural products in our household. I will continue to educate people on the importance of using oils for healing and all the other powerful properties they have. My advice to you, get rid of all the chemicals in your home and try using only natural products.

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